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According to an article on CNBC, it could become easier for people with student debt to file for bankruptcy. Lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make it easier for student loan borrowers to cancel their debt in bankruptcy. This measure, supported by 14 Democrats, one Republican, and one independent, is dubbed the Student Borrower Bankruptcy Relief Act of 2019. In addition to its congressional support, a number of advocacy groups have praised the bill.
Today is National Credit Card Reduction Day! We know that “debt” is a word that no one generally likes, and you’re right. Generally, an American has an average debt of $ 4,293 on 2.5 credit cards for an average interest rate of 16.86%. These interests represent huge amounts that could be used for something else, like your hobbies. However, for that it is important to manage your credit cards as well as your repayments. There
Are you struggling with money management after your recent bankruptcy? Don’t let holiday spending get the best of you. We’ve put together a list of 6 ways to stay out of debt during this holiday season. Prioritize your gift list & set aside a set amount of money you will spend on each person. Make gifts instead of purchasing.Avoid Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Don’t buy stuff you didn’t plan on buying just because it’s
Happy Holidays! Our special hours are as follows: Thanksgiving: Sam Henry’s office will be closed on Thursday, November 21 & Friday, November 22. Christmas: Sam Henry’s office will be closed on Monday, December 24 & Tuesday, December 25. New Year: Sam Henry’s office will be closed on Tuesday, January 1.
Thinking of filing for bankruptcy around the Christmas holidays? Keep the following information in mind before you do: Non-Dischargeable Debt According to bankruptcy law, those who choose to file for bankruptcy near the holiday season are still responsible for any debt acquired as a result of purchasing gifts. This means that if you purchase any gifts within 90 days before Christmas, these debts will not go away after filing for bankruptcy. Cash Advances Any cash