During this crisis, many credit card issuers are working to assist their customers by providing them with options to alleviate some of their financial burden. 

We’ve compiled a list of some  issuers’ assistance efforts below. All measures are subject to individual eligibility and may not apply to all customers.

American Express

  • Advice on managing accounts online
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Relief from late payment fees

Bank of America

  • Deferred payments
  • Refunds on late fees

Capital One

  • Financial hardship support


  • Online account tips

Goldman Sachs

  • Deferred March payment

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Loan extensions
  • Deferred payments
  • Emergency loans
  • Credit limit increases

Wells Fargo

  • Hardship assistance
  • Online banking options

If you need immediate financial help or need to talk to someone about your financial options, Sam Henry can help! Remember, bankruptcy is not the end… it is a new beginning!