You know what they say – summer is the season for spending… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you have a big vacation on the calendar, you can still spend smart and save where possible! 

We’ve put together some tips to keep summer time spending under control. 

1. Yard maintenance

If you are physically able, consider mowing your own yard to cut back on the unnecessary cost of hiring a landscaper. If doing your own yard work is not an option, consider hiring a neighborhood teen! Place an ad on a neighborhood forum (like the NextDoor app or on your facebook page. Not only will they do the job cheaper than a professional, teens are always looking to make some summer spending cash.

2. Smart vacation planning

The key to saving money on vacations is planning. If you haven’t already picked your destination, consider visiting areas of the U.S. that are cheaper during the summer (like Arizona or Florida) or go on a road trip around your area. Opt for accommodations with a kitchen & search for Groupon deals or coupon codes for local attractions. 

3. Pay your bills on time

Studies show that families are more likely to miss an important bill during the summer months. It’s easy to let your worries fade during a vacation or road trip, but forgetting to pay a credit card bill can have big consequences. Set up automatic bill pay, or use a calendar to remind you when a bill is due. 

4. Don’t live outside your means

Everyone daydreams about taking off work and getting away from it all during the hot summer months, but this is not a good reason to open unnecessary lines of credit. A good rule to live by is that if you cannot pay for it on the spot, you should not charge it to a card. Avoid credit card offers that promise “extra points” or “airline miles” in exchange for opening a line of credit. Too many decisions like this can lead to a bankruptcy!

If you have been a victim of the summer spending bug and don’t know where to turn, call Sam Henry for a free consultation. We’d be happy to help you get started down a road to recovery.