Our Testimonials

Sam helped me get through my hard times, I had creditors calling me harassing me, and bullied me to the point of tears. When I went to Sam's law firm, they welcomed me, worked with me, answered all of my questions, and explained all available options. I filed my chapter 7 with them, once it was filed, the calls stopped and I no longer felt like I was sinking. They provided me with all the information that I needed to move forward and start reestablishing my credit. I now have a reliable vehicle, and I'm moving forward with my life thanks to them!

Mike F.

They were always there to answer my questions and explained everything that they were doing while working with my case in full detail. They were also very affordable, and really experienced at what they do!! They are worth every penny and the whole staff was welcoming!! Couldn't have asked for better lawyers. Now I get a second chance at my future!

Don S.Client

I am a single mom of two young men and very independent not wanting any help from anyone.. I became over whelmed with Dr bills, credit card, and other bills in general.. I felt like i was literally sinking and had no where to go... I called Sam Henry's office and they were great.. They got me in that day and let me know what I needed to bring. When I left their office I felt like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders.. I didn't have to worry about anything, they handled it all for me.. Thank you Sam Henry and your staff for being so patient with me and helping me out with my bankruptcy.. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about filing bankruptcy to CALL SAM!!!

Heather D.Client

I would like to thank the law office of Sam Henry for making this a smooth and non stressful experience.

Roy B.Client

Left the appointment with a peace knowing I had options. Mr. Henry was very positive and provided helpful information.

Shirley H. Client

I was very please with my visit to the Sam Henry Law Office. Everyone was very courteous and personable. I left Sam's office feeling much better about my own personal situation. The thing I enjoyed most about the experience was that I was treated like a person, and not a number. Even after we discussed business, Sam took time to get to know me as a person. I very much appreciated that. I would definitely recommend him to someone else.

Richard Client

My son and I had been living in our home for about 2 years. I had slowly started falin behind on my house note and my truck note. Being a single dad, I did all I could to make life easier for my son. But with failed relationships and not really knowing how to handle money I feel into a deep depression and didn't know where to go. I was served papers for my house to be foreclosed on and they had already picked up my vehicle. I didn't really know a whole lot about bankruptcy until I called Sam. He helped me save my home and get back on my feet again and helped me manage my money. My credit is slowly improving and i am in a new vehicle and loving life. Thank you Sam Henry and your staff for being so great and helping me get back on the road to freedom.

Jeremiah D.Client

I met with Sam, and he was so professional and understanding...He explained everything to me so that I understood the legality of my case....I spoke to his secretary's on several occasions and they were very helpful as well...I would recommend Sam to anyone that needs a bankruptcy attorney.

Mandy J.Client

I was waiting until the end of my bankruptcy to give a honest review of my experience. My experience was wonderful. Your staff was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I also loved the new look of your lobby. It was very welcoming.

Jesse B.Client

Mr. Sam and Jeff have been great. Thank you for helping me. Your staff is very efficient and wait times are minimal whenever I come to the office.

Noreen S.Client

Best decision I could've made.

Carmelton A.Client

Working with Sam Henry and Staff has been a very comforting experience during my difficult financial issues. I was treated in a very friendly, professional and respectful manner throughout the legal process.

Deshun R.Client

When you are in a financial hole, it’s time to Call Sam!